Music Sessions for Hospital


According to a survey of Western eco-friendly organization of New-Zealand, an experiment of playing music was done on their crops for the year and it actually not only made the plants grow at a phenomenal rate but the cattle yield that year increased to 48% from the previous year, that clearly indicated and was certified that if Plants with lower consciousness can respond to their type of music and show results then “HUMANS” with maximum conscious levels can make wonderful growth in terms of physical and mental health.

Any music played in harmony, to a person suffering from physical and mental blockages not only makes him feel peaceful but releases positive energy in the body and the medical process shows speedy results as his mind is being peacefully taken care of and in turn, the body responds positively.

Music treatment is found to diminish the uneasiness alongside drugs in instances of patients on chemotherapy. It is known to decrease a wide range of pains when utilized with pain killers and so on. It is also used to enhance brain functions and fix brain damage in patients who have experienced a stroke or other neurological issues.


Hence we present to the world “MUSIGANZA”, a session of HEALING MUSIC where artists come and mesmerize you with their soulful music, a session where you meet your soul in the purest form and it is such a treat to watch these SINGERS and MUSICIANS play what your heart relates to at that particular time.

As the great Bob Marley said “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”

  • Enable patients to feel less restless before a procedure
  • Reduction in patient distress.
  • Reduction in side effects
  • Reduction in levels of pain
  • Enhance mind-sets
  • Help in active recuperation
Entertainment Days:- Monday & Thursday
Time Duration:- 45-60 Mins per Session.
Venue:- Hospital Premises Only.
Investment:- Please contact ""
  • Equipments for sounds and Acts shall be arranged by us.
  • Fixed Date & Time Maintenance is Compulsory.
  • No refunds upon cancellations