Music Sessions for Corporate


The corporate life is one of the most stressful environments plaguing people today. The sheer burnout that occurs affects life of individuals at work and at home. Companies need to address this rising issue now as the rate of burnout is affecting productivity directly and at a staggering rate.

The mind is always key here and wherever the mind goes the body will follow. These issues will morph from just mental issues but also show physically as well. Be it body aches and joint pains to heart issues.

Leading psychiatrists have established the soothing powers that music possesses. At any point when people are exceptionally stressed, there is an inclination to stay away from music. Maybe it feels like an exercise in futility, not leading to anything. But when stress is managed the mind clears up and the productivity of an individual improves. It just requires a little push in any case.

So we Introduce a new concept named “Musiganza” where in we take music live into the daily lives of people where they can relate to Musicians who come twice a week to just entertain and make the rest of the day of work even more of pleasure to do, now no more “Monday Morning Blues” as Tuesday will be an hour of surprise entertainment at “Lunch”.

So when your work is given a halt and you have a dynamic session where in you are entertained live, then the rest of the work is carried out with a great bit of enthusiasm as your mind is already refreshed with a session of live entertainment, it is Music now that is coming in search of people who need it the most in their day to day lives. As “Short is Sweet” is today’s mantra of life, just a 45 mins session of live artists performing just for the Musiganza Subscribers shall keep their toes tapping, lips humming, and heads shaking for the rest of the week.

Hey, People! Hold on to your breath as “Muisganza” promises to make your work exciting and people around shall not say you a “Workaholic” but they shall say “Musiganza-oholic”.

Time Duration:- 45-60 Minutes (Lunch Time) per session
Artist Category:- A Survey form is circulated amongst employees and based on that we choose, to which theme they would relate and based on the same the Music sessions will be designed.
Venue:- Company Premises Only.
Investment:- Please contact ""
  • Getting the best out of people and me
  • Peace and Inner Strength
  • Staying intact in Intense Situations
  • Building confidence in one's own ability and the ability of the company
  • Reassessing mistakes and learning to not commit them in the future
  • Equipment for Sounds and Acts shall be arranged by us.
  • Date & Time Maintenance is Compulsory.
  • No refunds for cancellations.