Music plays a mind boggling part in molding the world around us. Music has the ability to change the way we think, and along these lines change the world we live in.

Inspiranza is the culmination of Musiganza’s work. People of all ages who have worked tirelessly to improve and sharpen their musical talents now have their platform to shine. It builds their confidence and their ability to take their career in music forward.

Inspiranza is the showcase event of Musiganza. All the students bring their signature voices and talent to the front and with every individual, the audience stands mesmerised. Each act demonstrates their inner emotion and love

Inspiranza takes place 2 times a year and with each passing showcase, the level of talent gets higher and higher. We also have prominent musicians who have achieved significant fame in their field take the stage and enthrall the audience each time.

The sheer excitement that exists around Inspiranza is electric. Each year it gets bigger. Each year a new set of budding talent come together and each year the world gets to know these faces and their ability to build music.

Each year, Inspiranza brings together artists and musicians from Musiganza. This is a celebration of the talent, creativity, and diversity of the people and our next generation of artists. The performance takes place in Bangalore.