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the only truth is music

Music plays a big role part in forming the general public around us. Music has the ability to change the way we think, and in this way change the world we live in.

Music conveys the message of peace to you. No matter what sort of an issue you are experiencing in your life, music brings a great deal of peace and understanding to you. On the off chance that you tune in to profound music, you restore your psyche.

Music gives individuals an outlet to express their identity through various forms. Regardless of whether it be being a performer (artist, rapper, instrumentalist), being in a band with other people, instructing music to other individuals, or anything that you can consider, you can be your own unique self through music.

Many people today conceal their identity within to fit in with every other person since a few people fear being rejected by everyone around them. They cover up in the group until the point when they are distant from everyone else and can be who they really are without fear. Music is vital on the grounds that it gives individuals an approach to communicate and be themselves no matter what.

music to inspire

Music can get people together wherever they are in the world. Regardless of whether it be through a similar taste in music, or the eagerness to take a stab at something new, or notwithstanding performing music with others. Many people like similar types or styles of music that are there this moment. Being a part of a choir, band, or any sort of gathering is another avenue that brings people together. Music is imperative since it unites everyone in this world.

The biggest example of this was the “We Are the World” song composed by the great Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. It brought together the biggest names from various genres in the music field together just for this one single.

Legends such as Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan and many more gathered together for a special showcase that transcended time. Their collaboration just on this song alone shed light on the plight in Africa and galvanized the world to act for the betterment of the African natives to end the hunger that has ravaged that continent.

music for healing

A current report in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, distributed in the UK, said that individuals with depression who tuned in to music for no less than one hour every day experienced a reduction of side effects by up to 25%.

Scientists at the University of Sydney found that singing in groups for no less than 30 minutes a day helped individuals adapt better to low states of mind caused by chronic pain.

Playing soft and light music out of sight while working at one's desk has additionally been found to bring down stress levels. Reduced heart rates and higher body temperatures are said to be the first tell tale signs of relaxation.

music for focus

Music likely helps to learn since it profoundly affects our mood, pulse and heart rate. For the best music to center and study, pick tunes that keep you alert but don't make you begin tapping your body to the beat.

Rather than depending on the radio making a playlist of the best examination music for focus is the better way to go. With the best study music playlist, you can design a set of continuous music, which fills in as an inherent clock for studying. At the point when the music is up, you've earned a break.


Musiganza was started on the premise that everyone has a song inside them. Music is the only language known to all. We may be divided by religion, caste, colour, and language. But music can bring us all together no matter our differences.

We believe in the vast healing power of music, the ability to help motivate, the ability to help in focusing to complete complex tasks and so on.

We train kids and adults to master their voice or their skills on the guitar and keyboard. But one thing we always ensure to preserve is their own unique style. Their signature style is what separates them and makes them shine. This Music School ensures that the kids learn the basics of music and use that as a platform to grow in their own way.

We take music to the corporate world so that they can feel inspired to work. The stresses they go through, whether it is due to work or personal life, can take its toll on the body and mind. Playing soft melodic music can just give them the perfect break from all their troubles and put into perspective what matters. When the focus on the right things in life is maintained then life becomes that much more sweeter. Through our music life can be as sweet as honey.

Another area that we have brought the light of music is into the education field. Music has the capabilities to make mundane tasks more fun. We all have had certain subjects that we have disliked. From some, it could be the dreaded Mathematics. For others, it could be Languages. For some, it could be even Geography. Music has the ability to help us understand concepts and also retain the information and reproduce it when required.

Through all this we know the importance of music. Its in our blood. We are going to bring music into the lives of everyone and make your life just that much more magical.